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“New Era, New Shenghe”—— Mr. Hu Zesong Attended Shenghe Resources Annual Meeting


Mr. Hu Zesong, President of Shenghe Resources, attended Shenghe’s 2017 annual meeting and made important instructions. He said in the concluding remarks that this meeting is subjected on “New Era, New Shenghe”. This theme is manifesting of the significance of last year in the history of Shenghe Resources. Shenghe Resources achieved “Three Grands” in 2017: Grand Union of Rare Earth from North to South, Grand Breakthrough in Overseas Rare Earth Resources, and Grand Development in Precious, Scarce, Scattered Resource. Shenghe Resource made impressive achievement both domestically and globally. He pointed out, to summarize the key to success of Shenghe, we should lucidly realize the significance of mixed ownership structure. "It’s the premise of this corporation. " He said, "A mixed ownership structure motivates the integrated advantages among shareholders and entrepreneurs. It’s our important historical experience. The work of New Shenghe should carried out around creating value for shareholders, invigorating the company, constructing platform for entrepreneurs, and forging brand images for our business modules."


Mr. Hu further stressed that, the 19th National Congress of CCP has blueprinted China’s development in the future with clarification that China has entered a New Era of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics. Chinese society is using its full strength to promote “Four Comprehensive” and “Five in One” strategies to improve economic structure. We must seriously practice new development ideas, realizing enhancement in stability and sound development. Shenghe Resource is stern to follow national policies, stick to our core business in rare earth, gives considerations to precious, scattered and scarce resource, maintains position in domestic and global markets, and reaches to the upper & lower streams of industrial chain.


As for the future directions of the company, Mr. Hu said, we must insist with overall and coordinated development, establish management with good control and vigor, strengthen our presence in upper stream, and explore to lower stream. We must improve corporate management, enhance managing quality, and deepen supply-side reform around “Three Eliminations, One Reduction, One Supplement”. We must ameliorate corporate governance structure, fasten our paces to open to the world, stay hungry for sci-tech innovation, and hold tight to national regulations and our principles.


At last, Mr. Hu made important instructions to the corporate culture building of Shenghe. He said, it’s imperative to comprehend the historical significance of an endeavoring corporate culture. It’s especially important as Shenghe grew more influential and inclusive. We must consider a good corporate culture as the foundation for soft power and “Shenghe” as a centurial brand. All people should unite under the flag of “Shenghe Resources”, and strive for the greater successes for our company.